Livewire has experienced a 75% reduction in Local Authority support in recent months and it is anticipated that funding will cease entirely by the end of 2014.  Competition for funding from trust funds has increased greatly.  There is a growing need for the support that we give.  This situation seriously threatens Livewire’s future, after nearly 70 years of being there for young people.

Case Studies

A young man home from University for the summer this year popped in to tell us he had done some work with Beyonce over the summer and he was so grateful to Livewire for the opportunities we had offered him. He believes this had saved him from letting his life spiral out of control when he was younger and has set him firmly on the career path he is now on.

A young woman in care who has multiple issues including criminality, aggression, sexual exploitation, incredibly low self esteem and who hates everyone she believes is in authority. She likes the staff at Livewire and will talk to them. We have been able to offer her 1-to-1 youth work support and prioritise her for singing lessons which she enjoys and have greatly improved her self esteem.

A young man with Autism who signs, as he’s unable to talk, gets drumming lessons at Livewire and has been given the opportunity to mix with young people of his own age who don’t have a disability. This is something that his parents and his support worker have valued and claim has made the world of difference to him.

A young offender on a tag who the youth offending team bring to Livewire once a week for music lessons. It has been recognised by them in the past that we are able to make a big difference, through music, to certain young offenders who are really into music. They have been able to secure an extension on his tag for one evening a week so that he can attend.

A young woman who lives with her grandparents, was home schooled and has multiple issues particularly around rejection and low self esteem. She seriously lacked confidence. We have supported her through college and she is about to leave Cornwall to go to University in London to continue studying photography.

A young man referred through Targeted Youth Support initially for 1-to-1 music sessions during the day. He started attending in the evening just for the lessons then had to leave as he wasn’t confident enough to stay. He now attends regularly. He is still targeted by us for additional support through music and 1-to-1 youth work support and is doing extremely well.

A young man with severe anxiety problems who we started supporting through the job club as a NEET young person. Working with him it became apparent that there was a lot more than just a need to get a job going on with this young man. He is still unemployed and not in training but we have worked with him to help improve his confidence and self esteem. He has achieved a number of accredited outcomes including ASDAN’s employability award which has really helped him to feel good about himself and his anxiety problems are decreasing.

A young man who learned sound engineering at Livewire has gone on to tour with Martin Barre from Jethro Tull’s Band and work with several other bands as a live sound engineer. This is as a direct result of his volunteering at Livewire, where he helped Martin Barre’s sound engineer during their gig at Livewire. He is currently touring UK and Europe employed as Martin’s sound engineer.

In the words of the young people…

Young woman who has been attending Livewire for 5 years:
“ I have been going livewire for 5 years now. And I have gained a lot of confidence throughout those years. I have been part of a lot of things Livewire do including the music project. I think that if it wasn’t for the music project I wouldn’t of recorded my songs. By going to Livewire I have got better at singing and started to write my own songs I wouldn’t have done that if I hadn’t had the help that I get there. ”

Young man who was excluded from School. Has been attending 8 months:
“ I got kicked out of school, and come to Livewire one afternoon a week, its really good and its let me learn to DJ and rap and they have even helped to learn to write a bit better as I wasn’t very good at that. It showed me that people do care and that I’m good at somethings like DJing and rapping but I’m not so good at writing and things. Being at Livewire has made me feel good about me, I am very confident now and I think I might be able to go back to school sometime soon but I want to still come to Livewire in the evening. At Livewire I have to work with people and sometimes I don’t like them other young people but the teachers at Livewire help us to get on with all of us. I want to say thanks to Livewire and everyone that has made Livewire happen its great everywhere should have a Livewire to come to. ”


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