Livewire’s Venue Fact Sheet

4 x Mackie SA1532z active mid-high speakers
2 x JBL MRX500 subs
1 x Allen Heath iLive digital desk T112 48 channel + iDR48 Rack on stage
Madi system for live recording and automated sound check facility

4 Electro-Voice TX1152FM 15-inch two-way floor monitors
1 x Mackie SRM450 drum wedge
1 x D.A.S. Sub-18HA Drum sub wedge

1 x Ampeg SVT 4 Pro bass head + Ampeg 6x10 bass cab
1 x Marshall JCM2000 head and 4x12 [16 ohm] cab
1 x Marshall JCM2000 Dual Super Lead (DSL) head and 4x12 [16 ohm] cab

Drum Kit
22″ x 16″ kick
8″ rack tom
10″ rack tom
12″ rack tom
13″ rack tom
16″ floor tom
14″ x 5″snare drum
Single kick pedal
Hi hat stand with clutch and three cymbal stands

An extensive range of mics mainly from Shure and AKG

DI Boxes

Avo Pearl 2008 desk running a variety of traditional, LED and movers including par 56 & 64, Martin 812s, LED panels, strobes, haze and smoke machines.