Her self-esteem and resilience is growing week-by-week… – Livewire

Her self-esteem and resilience is growing week-by-week…

Desperate to get her life back on track, this young woman was aged seventeen when she was referred to Livewire via the Youth Offending team. 

At the age of fifteen, she had left an abusive family home and moved in with a boyfriend, which soon turned into an abusive relationship. The young woman dropped out of school and soon descended into chaotic drug and alcohol use with her boyfriend, ultimately leading her into trouble with the Police. 

Sadly, this young woman slipped through society’s safety nets and ended up living on the streets of Plymouth, becoming drug addicted and unhappily, sexually exploited.

Eventually she was picked up by the Youth Offending team and brought to Livewire. Our support for her, which is ongoing, includes one-to-one youth work support with a counsellor, with the objective of changing her view of herself and building her resilience and self-esteem.  She is also having vocal coaching at Livewire during the evenings, as well as undertaking an ASDAN ‘Employability Skills Development Award’. 

She is making steady progress, and in terms of her addictions she has cut down significantly, with her self-esteem and resilience growing week-by-week. We are currently working to help her get into college this September.

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