Livewire played a part developing this young man’s dream career… – Livewire

Livewire played a part developing this young man’s dream career…

When this young man was a developing fifteen-year old musician, he discovered Livewire, while seeking to progress an early interest in Livewire’s free music lessons and band development.

Whilst he had no complex personal issues, he recalls he was experiencing social anxiety and a lack of direction in his life.

After exploring many of the possibilities on offer, he expressed an interest in live sound and began to train in this speciality in Livewire’s well-equipped venue and recording studio in Saltash. This introduction later inspired him to undertake a local college course.

During this time our main live sound engineer left us for a new role – this young man’s skills had developed so far that he was able to take on the challenge of running sound at all our weekly live music events.

After three years of running our live sound, Martin Barre, the legendary guitarist from Jethro Tull, was using Livewire’s music venue for pre-tour rehearsals and was so impressed with this young man’s sound skills and work ethic, that he offered him the job of engineering his band’s live sound on UK, European and US tours.

We are proud that Livewire played a part developing this young man’s dream career as a front-of-house sound engineer.

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