‘I am massively thankful and feel lucky that I was placed at Livewire.’ – Dan Reid, ‘Company B’

Dan has kindly given us permission to name him for his story. Dan is the brilliant vocalist of the highly acclaimed, ‘Company B.’ The words are all his.

‘I was in a bit of a bad way when I got involved with Livewire, I had been kicked out of school and was pretty directionless. I didn’t know what to do with myself and whilst working at Bodmin Youth Services, luckily, they placed me at Livewire.

I had played in bands from an early age and had a real passion for music, but I was unsure how to move from it being a passion and hobby to something more.

Whilst at Livewire I was given lots of opportunity to try different things out. I worked in the studio with a guiding hand in learning recording skills, and in the process, I was lucky enough to make a good friend. We spent a lot of time rehearsing and playing music together, which honed my craft, and eventually we made a song which we recorded in the studio and we were actively involved in the whole process. Day to day I also helped with stuff on the Youth Club side of Livewire and would take part in the regular trip to ‘Bookers’ to get supplies for the youth centre, as well carry out as other tasks.

After Livewire I did a music and technology training course, which I really enjoyed – the confidence and experience I’d gained at Livewire were instrumental in my decision to follow this line of education. Upon finishing the course, I got a job as a support worker and now work in the local community, which I have done for over 14 years.

About five years ago after many years of playing locally in various bands and solo projects, I went for an audition to sing in a gigging ‘professional’ band and was lucky enough to get in. I now play most weekends and have been lucky enough to play on festival stages to several thousands of people. I also have used a lot of the studio skills I learned to record my own music and have done so since those days back at Livewire.

As I look back on key moments of my life I am massively thankful and feel lucky that I was placed at Livewire – it made an enormous change to my life and was fundamental in my development from being a young person, finding my way, to an adult with a purpose.  Andy (Rance) is a true hero and gentleman, and I am so grateful that a place like Livewire exists to help young people. It’s a fantastic place to put them on the right track by gaining critical life skills and opening up possibilities.’