‘I was pretty lost when I first got involved with Livewire.’ – Anna Ashton

Anna’s story is another uplifting example of the impact Livewire had on a young life, and how far that influence has reached into adulthood. Anna has given us permission to name her, and the words are her own.

‘I was pretty lost when I first got involved with Livewire. I was having some heavy issues with my mental health and had absolutely no focus on what I wanted to do with my life. I had a guidance counsellor at the time and she found me a placement with Livewire.

I remember being incredibly nervous on the first day we went and met with Andy (Rance) at the studios. I needn’t have been so nervous, the environment and the staff were so warm, welcoming and encouraging that I felt at ease very quickly. My time at Livewire involved spending lots of sessions in the studio, where I observed and learned many recording skills and regularly helped in setting up instruments and recording equipment. The skills I picked up led me to eventually work in song writing, not only for bands but entertainment companies in Europe.

On the days I spent at Livewire, I was full of excitement and passion to learn and do well. Today I find myself in a career as a published freelance writer and photographer, but the skills and experience I gained at Livewire all led me here. I had zero belief in myself or that I had any kind of talent before Livewire – they really care, and it shows in the endless guidance and support they provide.

To this day, I hold Andy Rance and Livewire as one of the key influences in giving me the confidence, skills and belief in myself to go after the things I want in life. Andy will always be one of my heroes. Livewire was an important stepping stone, I have so many great memories from my time there. So many moments of laughter, encouragement and inspiring conversations that I remember to this day.

I could never express how thankful I am that I had the chance to be placed there and gain so many important skills and experience in such a rare and ridiculously awesome environment.’