Since 2018, Livewire has had a mental health team, staffed by qualified volunteer counsellors but complemented by student counsellors on placement who are in their final year of training.

– We offer free counselling in blocks of six sessions and you can access up to three blocks of six sessions.

– We help you to identify what it is you want to work on, as this means you tend to get more out of the counselling.

– As part of the counselling, we teach strategies that might help you to manage stress and axiety, low mood or intrusive thoughts etc.

– We offer a safe space where you can learn to help yourself and our aim is that you get to know yourself better.

– We offer counselling to young people aged 10-21.


what counselling can offer you

 – Respect

– Encouragement

– No judgement

What counselling can help you with

– Making decisions

– Developing your understanding of yourself, what you think and feel about yourself and the world around you

– Realising what areas of your life need change

– How to make change

– Realising what you can control in your life

What Counselling Does Not Offer

– Advice

– An opprtunity to influence you

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If you would like to refer a young person or would like to refer yourself for counselling please download the referral form and email it to