Livewire’s typical running costs

Music Based Activities: Including one-to-one music lessons, work with young bands, recording studio and venue education: £23,500 p.a.

Youth Work & Social Development: Including one-to-one and group support, particularly aimed at targeted and vulnerable young people, i.e. young people at risk of chaotic drug and alcohol issues, self harm, eating disorders, sexual health issues, low self esteem/confidence, mental health issues including depression: £34,000 p.a.

Unemployed & Extra Support work: Supporting unemployed young people and those needing extra support re further/higher education: £5,000 p.a.

Disabled & Special Needs work: Specific targeted work for young people with disabilities and special educational needs: £7,500 p.a.

With increased funding we could do so much more for young people.

Be a part of securing another 70 years

Livewire is seeking companies and individuals willing to invest not only in the future of Livewire and the crucial work it does, but also investing in the lives of the many individual young people we work with – our future generation.

The return on your investment would be:

  • Providing young people a safe place to develop socially and musically.
  • For some young people, literally saving lives.
  • Supporting vulnerable young people who have little or no confidence/self esteem, who have had chaotic drug and alcohol issues, who self harm, who have eating disorders, who suffer from depression and other mental health issues and may also have learning needs or disabilities.
  • Supporting those who through no fault of their own are going through difficult times.

Your investment WILL change lives and mean so much to a great many young people.

How you can help

  • Make regular or one-off individual or corporate donations.
  • Sponsor or contribute to a particular youth work activity.
  • Set up a Standing Order for a regular donation.
  • Donate via our JustGiving page

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Livewire’s ideal is to secure long-term relationships with supporters, which we hope would be mutually beneficial. This can include our promotion of corporate partners through our extensive social media and web presence.

Find out more get in touch with us!

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