The 10th May 2014 saw young and not so young come together in a very successful day of music to protest about cuts to youth service funding. The event, organised by Jon Stafford of band Haunt the Woods and a former member of Livewire (see his blog post about Jon and becoming a professional musician here), was held at the Livewire venue in Saltash and was supported by many local bands including, Phat Bollard, Jimmy Appudurai-chua, as well as our own young musicians and bands. A steady stream of visitors and supporters joined in all day to offer their support. There was a great atmosphere and everyone had lots of fun.

Haunt the Woods launched their single “Ask Yourself” during the protest day (featured official video above), proceeds from which go to help raise money for Livewire. 

In the words of young person performing on the day: “I had such an amazing day down at the music protest at Livewire today, the atmosphere was just incredible and everyone that plays sounded awesome! Thank you to everyone who came throughout the day and helped make it such a success, just goes to show how important youth services are to so many people and how by coming together and taking a stand we can make a difference. Had such a fun day and can’t wait to do it again soon, Livewire rocks!!!”