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If you’re an organisation interested in finding a worthy cause for your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, there is no more visible project for changing young lives in the South West than Livewire Youth Music Project. If you’re a private individual, the same applies and your donations are welcome and invaluable.

You’ll be able to see and measure the results of your contributions, be they financial or in another form – take a look at our stories and you’ll see a small sample of the incredible outcomes we’ve been delivering for over 30 years. If your interest is specifically CSR, please contact Andy Rance at or 01752 843570.

If you’re a member of the local community and want to see our young people engaged in constructive activity, you can donate via PayPal by clicking the ‘Donate’ button at the top right of our website.

How your donations help

With the help of your donations we provide numerous activities and vital support services for local young people in Saltash and the wider area, including Plymouth and several nearby key towns in Cornwall. The activities and services we deliver include, but are by no means limited to:

If you’d like to leave a Legacy to Livewire, you can download the correct wording for your Will here.

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