Mental Health

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Helping young people face challenges

Most of the young people who attend Livewire are happy, well-balanced individuals who share a passion for making music and who are only facing the usual challenges of growing toward adulthood.

They are here to take advantage of the inclusive and socialising nature of learning something musical, playing with others in a band, or working in the ancillary technical areas that surround live and recorded sound.

Livewire recognises that there are also a few young people who are facing some difficult challenges, and we are probably unique in providing music and mental health support in co-operation with social services, probation, our professional counsellor team and music teachers, all working in concert to help even the most damaged individuals to develop into contributing members of society. There are numerous examples of happy outcomes in our ‘Stories’ section. Livewire never turns a young person away and never gives up on them and truthfully, you’ll never be able to spot one of our troubled young people when they are amongst their peers – they like it that way and so do we.

Our commitment goes as far as providing a mental health worker on-site, who has been funded from 2018 by generous grants from  Global’s, ‘Make some Noise’ and additionally funded by People’s Health Trust using money raised through The Health Lottery in the South West.  We call this project ‘Heart N’ Soul’.

Working to make a difference

Finding ways to help

We also have external referral partners with whom we work, providing extra help for the more serious psychological conditions we may encounter.The range of things we help with is extensive and includes –

A final point worth reiterating, young people with issues like these are the minority who come and go through our doors. There’s nothing sad or troubled about our endeavour – it’s a place of hope, fun, creativity and above all, changed lives.

If you want a confidential chat,  just email or call Andy Rance at 01752 843570 or

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