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About Us

We’re Livewire Youth Music, the charity that’s all about using contemporary music to unlock creativity and support young people – in some cases, helping them in co-operation with social services, probation and our professional youth work team and music teachers, to overcome many issues – from being addicted to drugs, suffering from low self-esteem, self-harming, other mental health challenges, anxiety, depression, depression symptoms, anorexia, bulimia and other common health problems in adolescence.  But don’t worry, there’s nothing sad or troubled about our endeavour, it’s a place of hope, fun, creativity and changed lives.

Our aim is to change young lives and encourage productive activity, using music and music technology as a catalyst for all young people with an interest in music, not just those with challenges. The dynamic mix of young people who make up our membership is highly inclusive, and when it comes to things to do in Cornwall, Livewire is the place to be. Many of our young people improve their employability chances and some go on to full-time music study, ultimately making careers as a music producer, or in audio engineering, sound engineering, live sound, stage lighting, session musician, or performing in bands like ‘Haunt the Woods’, ending up on national TV in shows like Chris Evans’ TFI Friday – some of our members become that good.

If you know a young person aged between 10 and 21, or you know one who wants to learn to make music, or learn music technology in one of the best and most inclusive youth clubs in the area, we offer tuition, FREE.  Livewire Youth Music works closely with local music education hubs, and practically speaking, we rock Cornwall!

Who We Work With

We’re supported by many, including organisations like Saltash Town Council, headline bands, and a diverse mix of the great and good, from ordinary folks who want to make a difference, to music royalty. It’s no exaggeration to say that we’re actively supported by Pete Townshend (‘The Who’), Brian Johnson (‘AC/DC’), ‘The Rolling Stones’, Marshall Amps, Focusrite, Genelec, Fender and Gibson. We were a favourite cause of the late Lemmy (‘Motorhead’) and Malcolm Young (‘AC/DC’).

Based beneath the stunning twin bridges in Saltash, Cornwall, in a safe, fun and supportive environment, we help young people form a band, teach them to play music on instruments like bass guitar, lead guitar, electric guitar, drums, keyboards, and for those who prefer a mic in their hand, there are vocal lessons. If their interest is on the technical side, we’ll also teach them professional studio mixing and that vital backstage know-how, including stage lighting and recording in our world-class recording studio, right here in Saltash.

Did we mention we’re a live music venue as well, hosting prestigious events like ‘Metal to the Masses’ heats and the ‘Livewire Festival’, giving every young person the chance to practice performance skills and perform in public? Our young members regularly meet musicians here – all inspirational, and occasionally, world-famous.

In every case, we’re literally changing young people’s lives for the better. Livewire is run by professionals and Enhanced DBS vetted volunteers, and if you’re wondering what this incredible spectrum of services costs you, it’s nothing. That’s right, free music, free guitar lessons for kids, free guitar lessons for young people, free bass lessons for young people, free drum lessons for young people, free vocal lessons for young people, free singing lessons for kids, free singing lessons for young people, free vocal coaching and much more, for any young person starting out in music, whether they have mental health challenges or not. For our incorporated youth club, which is open most evenings, we ask for an entry fee of £0.50 for each entry, but that’s it.
What’s on Cornwall? Livewire Youth Music, right here in Saltash, on the banks of the River Tamar. JOIN US, it could change your life…

Who Supports Us

How you can help

Livewire has a great bunch of volunteers working to support young people in our world-class live music venue. We are always keen to hear from adult and young volunteers who are interested in supporting our young people at various levels and generally assisting in the day-to-day running of youth work provision.

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