Recording ‘My Generation’ in Cornwall

Recording ‘My Generation’ in Cornwall

Thanks to the amazing kindness of legendary ‘Who’ guitarist, Pete Townshend, Saltash based Livewire Youth Music will be offering local young musicians the chance to use our recording studio, free, and to learn hands-on how to use recording studio equipment.

We are delighted to announce that Cornwall Music Education Hub will be financially supporting the new studio project (unofficially known as ‘Pete’s Place’), by funding regular Saturday recording sessions and funding Livewire’s sound engineer, teaching young people on Thursday evenings how to use the new studio.

Having the new studio is awesome, but we needed someone to develop and run it, and Cornwall Music Hub has given us that opportunity.

Pete’s request to us was to record as many young musicians as possible and to teach as many young people how to use it – now with this additional support that’s exactly what Livewire will be doing when it returns from its summer holidays in September 2017.

Situated on the banks of the river Tamar, the new studio complex at Livewire Youth Music encompasses much of the building, with its live music venue doubling as a massive and great sounding live room.  Livewire’s ‘Purple Room’, rehearsal room, will be doubling as an amp room, or drum booth, and upstairs there are two further isolation rooms.

At the heart of the studio is a beautiful Audient 36 channel mixing desk donated by Pete himself, and various other amazing equipment.

Andy Rance, speaking on behalf of Livewire said, ‘We are absolutely delighted to join forces with Cornwall Music Hub and Pete, to provide local young musicians the opportunity to record in a professional environment, and to showcase the amazing talent Cornwall nurtures’.

About the Cornwall Music Education Hub

The Cornwall Music Education Hub, a partnership of organisations led by Cornwall Council, is funded by Arts Council England to support music education in Cornwall.  Further information about the Cornwall Music Education Hub can be found at

Livewire Youth Music is a registered Charity 300632 and can be contacted via, or telephone (01752) 843570, or email

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