Happy New Year all. Hope it’s been great for you all and if not, it’s all over now and you can forget the whole thing for a few months (about 4 months according to some supermarkets!) Apologies for the lateness of this post. I guess I just got caught up in the festivities. Having lots of children running all over the house for 2 weeks tends to frazzle my mind! Anyway, here are some pics courtesy of Josh Tennant. Definitely good to have someone who can come up with some decent shots. Sorry for those who played but didn’t get a photo – I just publishRead More →

Andy Moir, aged 52, is a Livewire committee member who this year ran his first marathon on behalf of the charity. This is his story: I had previously run four of the last five Plymouth Half Marathons, but had only trained for 3 months before each race. However after running a half marathon I decided it would be good to run a marathon to “tick the box”. If I was going to run a marathon then I thought I would like to do a flattish one, and one with a big crowd to keep me going. It took five years to get a place in the London Marathon and IRead More →